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Bowling is a popular sport all around the world. It doesn’t matter how old you are, as it’s a sport that doesn’t discriminate. You don’t need to spend hours training at the gym, making sure you keep your fitness levels up. All you need is a basic level of fitness, a keen eye, decent hand eye coordination, enthusiasm and a decent kit.

Worldwide Bowling Supply provide the very best kit around. If there’s something you need to help you on your bowling journey, then we are here to help supply it. Whether it be a brand new shiny ball, a good and study pair of bowling shoes, or your classic bowling clothes then you are in the right place. With all sorts of different brands with all different price ranges, we have something for you if you’re just starting out or if you’re well on your way to worldwide bowling domination.

Bowling Accessories

When thinking about buying your kit, you’ll soon realise that there’s much more to it than just buying a ball and getting started. It’s like play an casinos not on Gamstop: challenge that it’s not easy to accept. There are all sorts of accessories available to make life easier for you.

Wrist Supports: If you’re using a particularly heavy ball for long periods of time then you may find it beneficial to invest in a wrist support to prevent injuries, as bowling can be quite wearing on the wrist joint.

Finger Tapes: The friction caused when you release the ball can cause injuries and stress on your fingers. You can invest in finger tape to protect them and also benefit from better grip as well.

Powder: You need to make sure your grip is just right and using powder reduces the moisture on your hand and improves your grip.
Ankle, Wrist, Elbow Bend: Because the game is repetitive, it can cause injuries and damage to your joints. Using shock absorbers can limit the damage.

Microfibre Towel: Players often wipe down their ball after each throw. This could be to remove oil that has collected on the track. Accumulated oil can delay the friction between the bowling ball and the lane.

There are obviously other pieces of equipment you can purchase, but these are definitely accessories to consider when playing your game.
Bowling Accessories

How to Build a Bowling Alley

If you live a long way away from the nearest bowling alley, then you might want to make your own to get in some extra practice.
You need to make sure you plan properly and make sure you pick the right location, possibly in your back garden if you have the space. Be sure to pick a shady place so your playing won’t be impaired by the sun.

Next take your measurements. You need to be accurate. Sketch your ideas and go over all the numbers and figures a few times to ensure accuracy. Think about the width, length, height off ground etc. You may not have enough space for a 60ft alley but make the most of what you have. The average width is 3.5ft. You also need to add an extra 10 inches each side for gutters.

You need to make sure the platform is completely level. Make sure the ground you choose is as flat as possible. Even it out where necessary. Use a laser level for accuracy.
Gather your materials:

  • 2 x 6 deck boards – with a smooth finish
  • 4’ x 8’ 3/4’ plywood
  • Rubber Mat
  • Fittings – screws, nails etc.

You could add an automatic pin reset which needs a pulley mechanism, rope and hook eyes to screw into your pins.
Build a base with good solid frame. Check that it is level after every step.
Lay your decking boards and check that it is level. You then have your own bowling alley.
Buying a Bowling Ball

Buying a Bowling Ball

Buying your first bowling ball is always a great experience but what should you look out for?
Well, the weight is everything. You need to make sure you pick a ball that isn’t too heavy for you or too light. It needs to suit your age, weight and build. Men generally choose a ball between 14-16 pounds and women tend to choose balls for around 10 pounds upwards.

You then need to establish your bowling style. If you have a strong forearm, you are probably best to pick a wide hooking ball. These balls require a lot of power. If you don’t have that much power, you should choose a ball with not as much hooking power. Wide hooking balls give great strikes but are hard to control. If you want to know the hooking power of the ball then check out its ‘differential’ or ‘differential of RG’. This could go from 0.00 to 0.060; the higher the number, the higher the power or flare of the ball is.

Obviously, you also need to think about your budget. While it’s not the best idea to go for the cheapest ball on the market, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive either.

Bowling Clothes

Obviously the most important area of bowling clothes would be the bowling shoes, which are a necessity when playing ten pin bowling. The reason you need to wear specialised shoes is because they are designed for one foot (your opposite foot) to slide during your release. Regular shoes don’t slide and therefore may mark and scuff the approach, damaging the lane.

There are many different brands of bowling shoes with a range of prices available. Prices can vary from £35 up to £120+ depending on the quality you choose. You also need to check out whether the shoes you are purchasing are for left handed bowlers, right handed bowlers or both. This is very important as they are designed for the opposite foot to slide. If you pick the wrong type then you could cause damage to the floor and affect your game.

As well as shoes, you can also wear some of the cool retro bowling shirts, based on the 50’s style. You can get them for women and men, with sizes ranging from petite to XXXL. Obviously, these clothes are necessary but they may add a little spark to your game.
You can also purchase gloves to help your grip, protect your wrist and make sure you maximise your potential. These aren’t particularly expensive but can help improve your grip and prevent injury.